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Finally she brings us to her final step in the recovery process, her embracing of Buddhism, which much of DBT’s therapy techniques are based upon.

Review: Many memoirs talk about events in a person’s life, but the thing about mental illness, is the person writing the memoir must somehow be able to show her audience what it is to be inside that head.

Popular culture wants us to believe that these, by and large female, sufferers are akin to the femme fatale or the main character in . They are individuals who experience emotions much more extremely than everyday people do.

A visual Kiera uses throughout the book that I believe is quite apt is that a person with BPD is like a person with third degree burns all over their body.

Inside that person who perceives the world in her own unique, albeit messed-up,way.

It takes a certain level of brutal honesty with yourself to be able to do so. BPD is an illness that, unless you have encountered it in your own life either by having it yourself or caring deeply for someone who does, is often difficult to clearly describe in a sympathetic manner.

His teachings imply that all human relationships are wonderful opportunities to practice loving-kindness, generosity, and mutual support.Summary: Kiera here recounts her struggle with mental illness, first undiagnosed and indescribable, marked by episodes of self-harming, frantic attempts to avoid abandonment (such as writing a boy a letter in her own blood), alcohol and narcotic abuse, among other things.Then she recounts how she was finally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (definition) and her struggles to recover from this difficult mental illness usually caused by a combination of brain chemistry and trauma in childhood.Buddha was born (according to Wikipedia) somewhere around 563 BCE to 480 BCE, and lived 80 years.From what I have understood, no teachings that made it to this day, have been written down when he was alive.My understanding of attachment is that it’s not about what we have or don’t have, but what our expectations of them are.