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The decision to block Wikipedia came after the site refused to remove articles and comments that suggest Turkey is cooperating with terrorist organizations.
We all know what we're talking about here, and these are not the things I mean to address in this column.

Interracial dating in the south

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There's a place around here called hog valley where they tell me I should never be after dark.

(and that's without having a white girlfriend) Agreed with you on all points. Its pervasive, insidious influence is infiltrating and, perhaps more accurately, penetrating our very souls.

There were a small number of interracial marriages prior to that law, and while there was not much media coverage given to these people during Apartheid, their marriages were not automatically annulled.

Secondly, the law against mixed marriages did not apply to non-white people, and there were proportionally more interracial marriages between people classified as “native” (or African) and “Coloured” or Indian.

I think in general people don't have a problem, but what about the deep South states? I had a friend who said she got bad looks when she was in Kentucky with her kids and their father who are black, is from california. I don't see much of a problem, some here and there, and I grew up in Mississippi. Anyways I made a massive thread on this years ago: It's all about specific locations when it comes to how much prejudice you're going to encounter.

Apartheid rested on the separation of races at every level, and preventing interracial sexual relations was an essential piece of that.Will people stare at us as if we are martians if we walk into a grocery store or resturants?----- Are there any cities which have active supremist groups and/or KKK groups that I should try to avoid? Obviously the quality of education in New Jersey needs improvement. There are countless interracial relationships in the South.Yet despite all of this, there were some interracial marriages, though the law did not see them as interracial, and there were other couples who broke the Immorality Acts and were often jailed or fined for it.The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was one of the first steps in setting up Apartheid, but the law only criminalized the of mixed marriages not the marriages themselves.(and that's without having a white girlfriend)Originally posted by The MISTER It really depends on where you are.