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Step up your picnic game and grab cheeses and chocolates from nearby Gallo Dairyland, throw in a bottle of wine and don’t forget the picnic blanket to earn extra brownie points.We think a road trip to Shaylee Strawberry Farm on the Atherton Tablelands is in order.They are often found in conjunction with Native stone wall complexes.When they are, they can often be found as corner cairns, created at the intersection of two walls, or sometimes they are found appended to a wall. Cairns generally occur in groupings ranging in number from tens to hundreds. It was once a common practice in many parts of the Northeast to lay out property boundaries by marking the corners of a lot with a wooden stake surrounded by a stone heap, or a tree with a heap of stones.

Go for a romantic picnic at Millaa Millaa Lookout also known as Mc Hugh Lookout on the Atherton Tablelands.A pile of stones heaped up as a landmark." Stone piles, heaps or mounds are alternate names for cairns.Cairns have served to memorialize people, locations or events.Are you planning a romantic getaway in Tropical North Queensland?Take your lover to one of these 12 idyllic date locations and let Mother Nature help you do the swooning.These can be formal, highly stylized affairs: shaped constructions with a flat platform on top or columnar in design.