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7 mos.; Occupation: housework; Type of occupation: farm home; Informant: John Niemi. D.; Houghton, Mich.; Date signed: Jan 12, 1951; Place of burial: Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Mich.; Date of burial: Jan 15, 1951; Undertaker: Geo. Brown; Address of undertaker: Bruce Crossing, Mich. 3; KAHKONEN, ESTHER E.; Born: Apr 19, 1907; Place of birth: Oskar, Mich.; Date of death: Jan 23, 1940; Time of death: am.; Age: 32 yrs. 4 d.; Cause of death: septic poisoning; Attended by signer from: Dec 20, 1939; Attended by signer to: Jan 23, 1940; Alive: Jan 23, 1940; Father: Jack Ruohonen; Birth place of father: Finland; Mother: Edna Dorvinen; Birth place of mother: California; Sex: female; Color or race: white; Marital status: married; Spouse: Arvid Kahkonen; Age of spouse: 39 yrs.; Residence: Heinola dist., Stanton, Houghton, Michigan; Length of stay (in this place): life; Occupation: housewife; Informant: Arvid Kahkonen. D.; Beacon Hill, Mich.; Place of burial: Oskar, Oskar, Michigan; Date of burial: Jan 26, 1940; Undertaker: Walter T. 38; KAIKO, ANDREW; Place of birth: unknown; Date of death: Oct 24, 1930; Time of death: p.m.; Age: abt. 38; KAISER, SARAH; Born: Dec 22, 1868; Place of birth: Germany; Date of death: Jun 27, 1917; Time of death: 6 p.m.; Age: 48 yrs. 5 d.; Cause of death: chronic nephritis; Attended by signer from: Apr 4, 1917; Attended by signer to: Jun 27, 1917; Alive: Jun 26, 1917; Father: John Messner; Birth place of father: Germany; Mother: Kate Oswold; Birth place of mother: Germany; Sex: female; Color or race: white; Marital status: widow; Informant: Wm.
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